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Stimwave StimQ PNS

Dr. Biesinger offers relief for your lower extremity chronic pain utilizing the Stimwave StimQ PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulator.) Many nerve conditions can never be cured but treatment is available for pain relief. Most people have tried countless different techniques to alleviate their pain inclusive of narcotic pain medications, topical pain relieving gels, cortisone injections, bracing, physical therapy, anticonvulsants, acupuncture, etc. without achieving satisfactory relief. If you are a patient with chronic pain, Stimwave may be just what you need.

Stimwave is an implantable micro-system that affords relief for intractable chronic pain in the lower extremity. Stimwave is covered by most major insurance plans provided you meet certain criteria and requires authorization from you insurance company. Before a permanent stimulator is implanted, Dr. Biesinger will test out your pain relief through a trial procedure. A trial stimulator is placed through your skin for therapy evaluation and if results are satisfactory then a permanent stimulator may be implanted in an outpatient setting via a minimally invasive surgery. The neurostimulator is placed adjacent to the nerve or nerves that are causing you pain. The neurostimulator has small metal electrodes near the tip that create an electric field of energy when power is applied. No implantable battery is used for power but instead a small wearable antenna is worn over the area of the electrode and power is supplied by radiofrequency technology. The implant can be worn every other day or up to 24 hours a day, depending on your needs. Most physical activities are considered safe after your procedure.

The implantable neurostimulator is also 3Tand 1.5 T MRI compatible should you ever need to have an MRI.

Peripheral nerve stimulation has been clinically proven to reduce chronic pain and although many patients have reported complete pain relief, it may not remove all your pain. Dr. Biesinger will help you manage your expectations with this therapy.

Stimwave is the smallest implantable stimulator system available. It is light weight, and no battery is implanted inside of your body. If you’ve tried other therapies for your chronic pain without success then please contact Dr. Biesinger for discussion about your options and to see if you are a candidate for this fantastic pain relieving technology.

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